How to Reprint/Refax a Rx in Medication History?

What is a Reprint/Refax? From medication history, the printed or faxed prescription can be reprinted/refaxed. How to Reprint or Re-fax a prescription? To reprint or refax a previously printed or faxed prescription, adhere to these steps: Choose the patient for whom you need to prescribe and navigate to the Medication History tab. This section will […]

How to Update Drug in Medication History?

What is an Update Drug? The update drug means changing the SIG information for the prescription that is already sent to the pharmacy. How to update drugs by changing SIG information? In the prescription history of an existing prescription, the only modifiable element is the SIG, and such changes are permissible solely with a compelling […]

What is Rx Change and Rx Change Alert?

What does Rx Change & Rx Change Alert mean? In healthcare, a “rxchange” involves changing a previously prescribed medication. Patients request rxchange when their medication supply is not available, often indicated on prescription labels. Electronic systems allow providers to receive rxchange requests from pharmacies, simplifying the process for patients to access ongoing medication without needing […]

What is Refill and Refill Alert?

What does Refill & Refill Alert mean? In healthcare, a “refill” involves renewing a previously prescribed medication. Patients request refills when their medication supply is low, often indicated on prescription labels. Electronic systems allow providers to receive refill requests from pharmacies, simplifying the process for patients to access ongoing medication without needing a new prescription. […]

Real-Time Formulary [RTF] & Real-Time Prescription Benefit [RTPB]

Real-Time Formulary Real-Time Formulary delivers formulary information to the prescriber at the point of care via real time request and response message. This service eliminates the need for the provider vendor to download large formulary files from Sure scripts on a weekly basis. The data provided through Real Time Formulary informs the prescriber of a […]

How do I clear browser cache and cookies?

How to clear your browser cache in Chrome, Firefox, and Edge? Clearing cache and cookies protects your personal information and helps our applications run better on your computer. Select the browser you use for e-prescribing: Google Chrome Open Google Chrome. Click the menu button (three vertical dots in the top right corner of your browser […]

How to use Post Dated Prescriptions?

How to create Post Dated Prescriptions? A Post-Dated Prescription is a prescription prepared for future dispensing at a pharmacy. The prescriber can select a date up to one year from the current date, and the prescription will be released to the pharmacy on that specified future date. This approach empowers prescribers to strategically plan and […]

How to Search for a Drug?

In the Drug Name field, enter the first four letters of the desired medication. The system will quickly display matching drug names in the dropdown. Click on the relevant match, and it will populate the drug search popup with drugs that match that specified pattern. While searching for a drug, the system will display information […]

How do I search a Pharmacy? Types of Pharmacies.

How to Select the Pharmacy at the Prescription Pad. The pharmacy field is obligatory when sending the prescription, and users have the flexibility to search for a pharmacy preferred by the patient. Click the ‘Search Pharmacy’ button in the Rx Pad to initiate the pharmacy selection process. Steps to select Pharmacy at New Rx Pad. […]

How do I send an eRx (e-Prescription)

How to Write a Prescription When logging into the E-Prescribing/EHR system, you will be directed to the Prescriber Dashboard, displaying the selected patient card. Patient Information on Patient Card The centralized view of patient information, accessible from any page in the application, streamlines the process for prescribers to quickly access and review specific patient details. […]

How do I write a controlled substance prescription?

After selecting a medication in Rxpad, the drug schedule type will be indicated below the drug name, accompanied by corresponding levels. These schedule levels range from Schedule II to Schedule V, encompassing four distinct categories. Complete the prescription by providing the necessary details. Upon confirmation, you will be directed to the summary screen. How is […]

How can I enroll for EPCS to prescribe controlled substances electronically?

EPCS Enrollment Navigate to the H2H Digital Rx EPCS Enrollment page at Upon successful completion of the ID Proofing process, the H2H Digital Rx team will enroll you and activate your EPCS service level, allowing you to electronically prescribe controlled substances. You can check your service levels by accessing the dashboard as explained here. ID […]

Notes – Prescriber Notes & Pharmacy Notes

What is a Pharmacy Note? During the prescription writing process, prescribers have the option to include specific details in the pharmacy note field to communicate additional information to the pharmacy. What is a Prescriber Note/Doctor Note? When issuing a prescription, the prescriber has the option to generate a doctor’s note and store it for internal […]

How to see the Service Levels enabled at H2H DRx?

The H2H DRx Dashboard exhibits the enabled service levels for you in the right navigation. Click on the Dashboard to access and view this information. Dashboard contents On the dashboard, users can view all available H2H DRx service levels with enabled service levels highlighted. Users can explore the various services offered in H2H DRx through […]

How to enter XDEA/ NADEAN while prescribing Narcotic Drugs from H2H Digital Rx?

XDEA/ NADEAN requirement for prescribing Narcotic Drugs The X-waiver requirement for prescribing narcotic drugs like buprenorphine, naloxone, or suboxone has been removed. Therefore, providers are not required to enter XDEA/NADEAN information while prescribing electronically. Reference:

How to cancel a Electronic Prescription that is sent to the pharmacy?

Cancellation process of an electronic prescription If the patient no longer needs the medication, they have the option to cancel it from their user interface. To initiate the cancellation of electronic prescriptions, it is essential that the prescriber has enabled this feature through H2H Digital Rx, and the pharmacy must also be configured for electronic […]

What is Rxfill and Rxfill Alert?

What does Rxfill & Rxfill Alert mean? RxFill, a message format facilitated by Surescripts, is intended to deliver precise and detailed updates concerning the status of individual prescription fills. Within the healthcare realm, a “rxfill” encompasses data related to prescribed medications being dispensed from a pharmacy. Any changes in quantity for medications prescribed to a […]

H2H DRx Virtual Assistance [Chatbot]

H2H DRx Virtual Assistance [Chatbot] Chatbots are interactive applications that are designed to simulate human conversations. The main purpose is to provide a convenient way for our prescribers to reach out to a H2H Digital Rx support and get help. Steps to use Chatbot in H2H Digital Rx application Step-1: Once you land on the […]

What are the types of prescriber reports available at H2H Digital Rx?

What are the types of prescriber reports available at H2H Digital Rx? H2H Digital Rx supports prescribers by offering a diverse array of reports. The following is a compilation of the reports available to prescribers: In H2H Digital Rx, accessing reports involves navigating to the right panel and selecting “Reports.” As a result, the left […]