What is SS Medication History?

What is SS Medication History?

Surescripts Medication History enables healthcare providers to access a patient’s medication history from various providers during the point-of-care medication reconciliation process. Through secure connections to community pharmacies and pharmacy benefit managers’ databases, Surescripts retrieves and presents this data to healthcare providers via certified software vendors.

Is patient consent mandatory?

Healthcare providers using Surescripts must secure patient consent, complying with federal and state laws, before accessing medication history electronically. Patients can opt-out by notifying their healthcare provider, and attempting to access the medication history without consent triggers an error message stating, “Medication history cannot be displayed without Patient consent.”

How is the SS Medication List displayed?

When the prescriber chooses “Yes” for the patient’s consent level in the dropdown menu, the grid below displays the patient’s drug history and benefit source information.

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