What is RxAlert?

What is RxAlert?

An Rx alert serves as an electronically generated notification to the prescriber, indicating a potential issue with a prescription or the need for communication before the pharmacy can process it. Surescripts serves as an intermediary for all electronic communication between prescribers and pharmacies. The Status column on the Medications History screen in Digital Rx reflects the communication status for a patient’s prescriptions.


How does the RxAlert create?

An Rx alert is generated within the new prescription, refill, or prescription cancellation workflows under the following circumstances:

  1. When multiple automatic attempts to confirm electronic communication with a pharmacy are unsuccessful, potentially due to network congestion or delays in the pharmacy’s computer system.
  2. If a pharmacy or Digital Rx receives a communication but encounters difficulties in processing it.
  3. Digital Rx generates a Refill alert when the information in a refill request from a pharmacy does not align with patient data or the original prescription.
  4. When there is an issue with the prescriber’s eligibility to send a prescription.

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