How to interpret the EPA Status?

Interpretation of EPA Status

Each EPA record contains two distinct statuses: one for the overall status and another for the current status.

Types of statuses available for EPA records

The following statuses are available in the EPA process for each record.

The full report includes the following sections:

Tasks/ Actions Overall Status – Current Status
PA Initiation Request Sent to Payer In Progress – Initialized
Payer responded with Question Set In Progress – Open
If Payer responded with Closed Status In Progress – Closed
If PAInitiationRequest is Errored after the Prescriber acknowledge Errored – Errored
After Prescriber Submit the Question Set then the Payer will respond with (Approved/ Denied/ Partially Denied) In Progress – Approved

In Progress – Denied

In Progress – Partially Denied

Prescriber has to Acknowledge the Response of the Payer Complete- Approved

Complete – Denied

Complete – Partially Denied


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