How do I send an eRx (e-Prescription)

How to Write a Prescription

When logging into the E-Prescribing/EHR system, you will be directed to the Prescriber Dashboard, displaying the selected patient card.

Patient Information on Patient Card

The centralized view of patient information, accessible from any page in the application, streamlines the process for prescribers to quickly access and review specific patient details. This information includes basic details such as name, patient ID, date of birth, gender, address, allergies, and active medications.

Identifying the Benefit Source of the Patient

Upon selecting a patient, H2H Drx conducts a real-time eligibility check via Surescripts. This check utilizes the patient’s demographics to cross-reference the master patient index and identify their Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) information.

New Rxpad for Writing a Prescription

Introducing the enhanced Rxpad for Prescription Writing, which mandates input in the following fields:

  • Benefit Plan: Customizable if multiple plans exist.
  • Drug Search: Enter at least the first four letters of the drug name for the automatic population.

For detailed information on Drug Search, click here.

After selecting a drug, complete the necessary Quantity, Qualifier, and SIG fields. While the SIG field typically auto-populates, users can generate a customized SIG using the Sig Builder tool.

Subsequently, choose a pharmacy by searching from the available results.

For detailed information on Pharmacy Search, click here.

The Rxpad includes non-mandatory fields such as Refill, Day’s Supply, Substitutions Allowed, Daily Max Dose, WC/XFR, and Type. Fill these based on the provider’s requirements. After entering all essential prescription details, click “Confirm Prescription.”

Prescriptions Preview in Rx Summary

Upon confirmation, you will be directed to the summary screen to preview prescriptions. This screen provides visibility into drug interactions and allergy interactions related to the prescribed drugs.

Before dispatching the prescription to the pharmacy, it’s essential to verify complete prescription details, including drug information and directions, along with pharmacy specifics.

After previewing the prescriptions, if everything meets expectations, you can proceed to release them to the pharmacy. Utilize the following options for prescription release:

  • Send to Pharmacy: Electronically sends the prescription to the pharmacy.
  • Send & Print: Electronically sends the prescription and simultaneously prints it on the device.
  • Print: Print the prescription onto your device.

Alternatively, you have the option to save for future use. If adjustments are required, review and edit prescriptions by navigating to the Rx tabs.

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