How to Search for a Drug?

In the Drug Name field, enter the first four letters of the desired medication. The system will quickly display matching drug names in the dropdown. Click on the relevant match, and it will populate the drug search popup with drugs that match that specified pattern.

While searching for a drug, the system will display information such as the drug name, drug type, formulary status, and copay.

Formulary Status: Formulary status refers to the inclusion or exclusion of a specific medication on a health insurance plan’s formulary. A formulary is a list of prescription drugs approved by the insurance provider, indicating the coverage level and cost-sharing for each medication.

Copay: Copayments are a form of cost-sharing between the insured individual and the insurance provider, with the insurance covering the remaining portion of the cost.

For detailed information about formulary and copay, click here [Insert hyperlink to detailed information].

Alternative Drugs/ Medications

Upon selecting a medication, the system promptly performs a real-time formulary lookup with the Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM). If alternatives are identified by the PBM, the system will promptly display alternative options. Users can seamlessly navigate to the Alternatives section within the system, where they can explore and choose an alternative medication.

From the Rxpad, you can also check alternatives by clicking on the Alternatives option.

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