What is Refill and Refill Alert?

What does Refill & Refill Alert mean?

In healthcare, a “refill” involves renewing a previously prescribed medication. Patients request refills when their medication supply is low, often indicated on prescription labels. Electronic systems allow providers to receive refill requests from pharmacies, simplifying the process for patients to access ongoing medication without needing a new prescription.

When the Refill service level is activated, prescribers will begin receiving electronic prescription refill requests from respective pharmacies. The received requests will be accessible under the “Pending Refills” or “Pending Refill Alerts” link, prominently displayed on the prescriber information band beneath the prescriber’s name on the top ribbon.

How does a Refill differ from a Refill Alert?

H2H Digital Rx utilizes demographic data to synchronize patient details with the refill request, following the guidelines set by Surescripts. If a direct match between the refill request and a particular patient cannot be established, a patient record will be generated in the refill alert tab.

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