What is EPA Holding Queue and EPA Worklist Queue?

What is the EPA Holding Queue and EPA Worklist Queue?

The EPA Holding queue and Worklist queues serve as placeholders for electronically processed prior authorization records, ensuring they are permanently stored and accessible for users whenever needed.

What does the EPA Holding Queue contain?

Prescriptions initiated from the Rxpad can be sent directly to the EPA Holding queue by clicking “Send to Pharmacy.” These prescriptions remain in the EPA Holding queue until the EPA process is completed. Alternatively, before the process is completed, users can also send these prescriptions to the pharmacy by clicking “Confirm.” Afterwards, they can be automatically moved to the worklist.

Note: Control substance prescriptions will remain in the Holding queue even after completing the EPA process as they require 2FA authentication before being sent to the pharmacy.

What does the Worklist Queue contain?

Prescriptions that have finished the EPA process and have been sent to the pharmacy are visible in the Worklist Queue. Prescriptions released prior to the EPA process may also appear in the Worklist, where the EPA process can be finalized.

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