How to use Post Dated Prescriptions?

How to create Post Dated Prescriptions?

A Post-Dated Prescription is a prescription prepared for future dispensing at a pharmacy. The prescriber can select a date up to one year from the current date, and the prescription will be released to the pharmacy on that specified future date. This approach empowers prescribers to strategically plan and schedule medication releases, optimizing the efficiency of patient care management. Extending the prescription’s validity over a year accommodates long-term treatment plans, providing flexibility for both prescribers and patients. This temporal flexibility ensures the continued legal effectiveness of the prescription, facilitating a smooth and timely dispensing process on the designated date.

Before finalizing a Post-Dated prescription, entering an email is obligatory. Users must input and save a valid email address to receive notifications pertaining to the Post-Dated prescription.

What information is required to generate a post-dated prescription?

Complete all the required fields in the prescription form, including specifying a future release date for the pharmacy. Ensure the “Post Dated” checkbox is selected, and choose the desired date for the prescription to be released.

When the prescription is released to the pharmacy?

Post-dated prescriptions can be automatically released to the pharmacy on the specified date indicated in the prescription. This process is accompanied by an email notification sent to the user, providing confirmation and communication of the prescription release.

Note: If the post-dated prescription involves a controlled substance drug, it can be transferred to the EPCS queue on the scheduled date. From there, the release to the pharmacy can be facilitated by the user completing a two-factor authentication (2FA).

How can modifications be made to post-dated prescriptions if necessary?

Make necessary edits to the prescription using RxPad by selecting it from the post-dated prescription queue. If the prescription is no longer needed, it can be deleted from the post-dated prescription queue.

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