How do I write a controlled substance prescription?

After selecting a medication in Rxpad, the drug schedule type will be indicated below the drug name, accompanied by corresponding levels. These schedule levels range from Schedule II to Schedule V, encompassing four distinct categories.

Complete the prescription by providing the necessary details. Upon confirmation, you will be directed to the summary screen.

How is the controlled substance prescription release process conducted?

To transmit the controlled prescription from the summary screen, click on “Send to Pharmacy,” triggering the appearance of the EPCS popup on the screen.

Select “OK” to initiate the two-factor authentication process, ensuring the controlled substance is accessed only by authorized users.

Note: Every time you send or attempt to send a controlled substance, it is imperative to repeat the two-factor authentication (2FA) process to ensure proper authorization.

Are there alternative methods available to cancel the two-factor authentication (2FA) process?

Selecting “Cancel” will result in the prescription being sent for printing, with no electronic prescription transmitted to the pharmacy in this scenario.

To close the popup click on the close option available in the popup

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