How to initiate Electronic Prior Authorization (EPA)?

How to Initiate EPA?

After logging into the application for a benefit patient:

  • Search for the drug.
  • Fill in the prescription details.
  • If a prescriber wants to initiate a prescription for an electronic prior authorization, the prescriber can enable the “Initiate Electronic Prior Authorization” checkbox.
  • The prescriber can set a high priority for this EPA process by selecting the Priority Indicator checkbox.
  • Click the Confirm Prescription button.

  • Click the Send to Pharmacy button.

  • The Prescription Status window will display a message that “Required EPA prescription added to Holding queue”.
  • Click the Close button.

  • Go to the EPA Holding Queue tab.
  • Here, all the EPA required prescriptions will be added.
  • Click on the View button.
  • The report of EPA initialized prescriptions will be available.

  • Initial status of the prescription is InProgress-Initialized.
  • Click on the status link to see the status details.

  • Initial PA status is InProgress-Initialized.
  • Click the Close button.

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