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Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances

By MT | October 2021

Electronic prescribing of controlled substances is the electronic transmission of a prescription for a controlled substance to a pharmacy. Prescribers are encouraged to write and transmit prescriptions for controlled substances electronically to increase safety and security.

EPCS also creates Identity Proofing responsibilities for EHR vendors, prescribers and pharmacies by requiring two-factor authentication.
Requirements to get started with EPCS:

  • Certified EHR
  • Identity Proofing
  • Two – Factor Authentication

Identity Proofing is required for Providers who can prescribe controlled substances. In order to be able to prescribe controlled substances, the prescriber will have to register with ID. me for Identity proofing and Two-factor authentication.

Benefits of EPCS:

  • Improves patient safety
  • Better workflow efficiencies
  • Improves efficiency of the workflow
  • Increases security
  • Improves patient satisfaction
  • Cost-effective for patient

By MT | October 2021

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Electronic Prior Authorization

Spend less time on PAs & more time on patients

Electronic Prior Authorization enables prescribers, pharmacists and technicians to quickly and easily obtain prior authorizations so patients can start their medications sooner.

When a prescription prior authorization (PA) is submitted electronically, patients get their medications faster and are more likely to adhere to their prescribed treatment.

As health systems continue to grow at a rapid pace, ensuring an ePA solution is readily available will not only help reduce provider burden but may also benefit patient health. The adoption of ePA decrease in time to therapy and, overall, an increase in patient medication adherence.
Here’s why ePA:

  • Faster to send and get reviews
  • Electronic prior authorization improves speed to therapy.
  • Electronic prior authorization ensures patients take the right medication.
  • Easier to use for prescribers, nurses and office staff
  • Works for any prescription drug and any pharmacy
  • Keeps all your ePA documentation and requests in one place

Get started with one of online portals:

Connect to all PBMs and payers with ePA from Surescripts. It’s easy to submit ePA requests and you can save valuable time.

Communication chart between Provider and Payer through Surescripts:

By MT | October 2021

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