Hello H2H Digital Rx New UI Quick User Guide Prescribers will have the opportunity to switch from the Classic theme to the Modern theme as well as from the Modern theme to the Classic theme starting on March 18th, 2023, through June 23rd, 2023. The prescribers might experiment with the new theme and become accustomed to it throughout these three months. In order to avoid forcing them into a sudden transition and to avoid impeding their regular clinical activities until they become accustomed to the modern design. Over the next three months. DRx Virtual Assitance
Chatbots are interactive applications that are designed to simulate human conversations. The main purpose is to provide a convenient way for our prescribers to reach out to a H2H Digital Rx support and get help.
Real-Time Formulary delivers formulary information to the prescriber at the point of care via real time request and response message. This service eliminates the need for the provider vendor to download large formulary files from Sure scripts on a weekly basis. The data provided through Real Time Formulary informs the prescriber of a medication’s formulary status, payer-provided alternatives, coverage factors and co-pay details. Real Time Formulary data is intended to assist the prescriber in aligning their selected therapy with the patient’s benefit plan.

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